Dream Meaning of Leek

To see leek in a dream means that you will have dreams, wills and demand which won't fulfill, excess and inconsistent behaviours. If you see fresh and green leek in your dream, it signifies that you will be deceived by a woman who speaks good. To see off-colour leek in your dream symbolizes that you will be deceived by a man who is good-looking and impressive.

To see of eating leek in your dream implies that you will spend money for an impossible job. If the leek is delicious in your dream, it denotes that you will save yourself from this failed attempt. If its taste is bad, you will invest money to this failed attempt and you will lose.

To see that you cook leek or prepare leek meal in your dream suggests that you will put people you love at risk to protect yourself from harm. Because of this, you will be at odds with your friends.

To dream that you chop leek may suggest that you will invest your family's money into gambling or bad habits. Because of this, you will be excluded by your family.

To plant leek in the field or garden in your dream implies that you won't get back the debt which you gave to your relative and you won't meet with this person anymore.

To see that you collect leeks in your dream indicates that you will be far away from your friends because you did bad jobs and participate in wrong environments by making friendships with bad people.

To see leek in bazaar or grocery in your dream signifies that you will get rid of a bad thing and keep yourself and people you love out of this trouble.

To see of buying leek in your dream means that you will distribute alms because of a trouble.

To stamp on the leek in your dream may represent that after an extravagancy period lasting a long time, you will notice the mistakes of you or a person from your family. You will give up your bad and harmful habits.

To see of playing with leek or striking out in your dream denotes that you will continue your harmful and bad habits deliberately and that's why, you will get a big harm in a short time.