Dream Meaning of Having Period

This dream symbolizes trouble and difficulty. It means disorder,deterioration chaos, arguments and fear. It does not have a favourable meaning, it indicates a decrease in money and wealth. This shows that you get in trouble. Being in period in a dream means that you go astray and falter.

Dream Meaning of Having Period

It shows that you leave the morality and the politeness that you learn in family life and you become someone sinful and corrupted. It also means that you loose your faith in god and become a nonbeliever person.

Dream Meaning of a Man’s Menstrution

If the man who sees that kind of dream is married, it means that he cheats on his wife. But if he is single, it means that he will be in a relationship with a married woman. In short, this dream is an indicator for adultry.

Dream Meaning of a Pregnant Woman’s Menstrution

It shows that no matter man or woman, if someone sees this dream, it means this person have a child.

Dream Meaning of an Old Woman’s Menstrution

This dream indicates bad news. It means that someone seeing this dream dies and his family goes trough bad times.

Dream Meaning of Menstrution

It means lie, robbery, betrayal and malice. It shows that you loose yor good, decent characteristics and behave against the religion and the morality.

Dream Meaning of Menstrution Blood

This dream means poverty, trouble and problems. It shows that you will be ill and have fear of death.