Dream Meaning of Drunk

 To see drunk in a dream refers to worry, grief, and sadness.

To become drunk in your dream indicates that news you are waiting for will be unfavorable. The exam result will be concluded as you didn't expect. You job application will be good. There will be a short term hopeless.

To see drunk person or people in your dream symbolizes bad news coming from your close environment or relatives or resentment which you will have as a result of going the commodity.

To fight with a drunk in your dream signifies two faced person or unexpected dash or news coming from your well known relative.

To see that you become drunk with wine in your dream refers to extremeness or forgotten vow. Because of your sin, with regret or pressure of conscience, you will devote yourself to goodness and favor.

To dream that you take drug giving drunkenness may imply that your belief is tested, your belief decreases or you have a troublous journey.