Dream Meaning of Whistling

To see that you are whistling in your dream is interpreted as a bad symbol.  To dream of whistling may be a sign of hidden intent, incompatibility and problems.  It also signifies health problems or meeting bad-mannered people and getting in trouble for this reason.  Alternatively, the dream meaning of whistling may represent that you will lose your job, you will run out of money, and will live in bad conditions for a long time.

The dream meaning of hearing whistling sound

If you hear a whistling sound in your dream, then the dream symbolizes hard times. Maybe you will find no way out, feel lonely and there won’t be anyone who supports you.  You may get into trouble. Also, hearing a whistling sound in dream implies that you will hear untrue words but these talks will make you feel unhappy.

The dream interpretation of fifing

To see that you are fifing in your dream represents a good symbol. Dreaming about fife denotes that you will feel happy and you will witness pleasing events. Besides, you will get a job offer which you have in your mind and you will achieve to earn your living.

To play shrill pipe in dream

To dream of playing a shrill pipe indicates that you will feel unhappy. If you are in a trouble, then the dream suggests that this situation will get worse. If everything is alright in your life and you are waiting for good news, then it means that your dreams will become real.  

To play ney

To see playing ney in your dream denotes that you can’t find a way out and feel desperate, if you are in trouble. If you are living in comfortable conditions, then the dream symbolizes good events and amazing times.

Drumming in dream

Dreaming with drumming illustrates that you will follow  wrong people and will make mistakes. You will believe everyone without checking up, and then you will experience disappointment. Alternatively the dream suggests that you feel pleasant at first, but you will get upset later.