Dream Meaning of Drug

To see drug in a dream refers to rumor, bad statement, slander and fake friends, pleasure-seeking.

To see opiate drug in a dream signifies an ill-intentioned person who tells lies about you constantly because s/he envies your job or relationship.

To take drug in your dream may indicate that you will tell lie or bad statements about a person in order not to put your self-interest and gaining’s at risk.

To see of selling drug in your dream may suggest that you will keep quiet against a bad statement said about another person although you know that this is not true. To dream that you buy drug symbolizes that you will enhance your bad habit which you take pleasure from extremely.

To see drug seller in your dream may imply that there are people who rumor about you. If the drug seller is a man, nobody pays attention to these rumors. If the drug seller is a woman in your dream, these rumors will have negative impacts in your daily life.

To see a person who uses drugs and is a drug addict in your dream refers to a fake friend, an assistant who should be paid attention.

To see fix in a dream refers to snippy executive, a trainer or critic.

To dream that the drug is caught means that there will be people who believe in slanders and rumors about you and that's why, they keep will you at arm's length.