Dream Meaning of Trees

There are few interpretations for this dream. If the trees you’ve seen are health and alive, it symbolizes cure, happiness, serenity and benefit. If the trees you’ve seen are dried up and dead, then it is considered as bad luck and sadness.

Dream Of Walking Around Trees

Dream of walking around trees indicates that your stressful and bad days will finally come to an end. You will find peace and happiness again.

Dream Of Trees Getting Cut Off

Dream of trees getting cut off indicates that your achievements and happiness will be no more.

Dream Of Trees With Blossoms

Tree with blossoms symbolizes better health, new energy or power, sometimes stronger sexual needs that perhaps are now suppressed. It also indicates that your life will be better and your fears will cease to exist.

Dream Of Walking Trees

Dream of walking trees symbolizes bad business investments with no possible benefit. It indicates that you will hope for this investment to go right but it won’t. You will feel disappointed.

Dream Of Falling Trees

Dream of falling trees symbolizes a sense of threat to your identity; this can often suggest a big change in the way you express yourself. It is a breaking down of the influences you lived from in the past, perhaps because your childhood set in place painful or negative influences; loss of relative.