Dream Meaning of Fire Department

To see a fire (department) in your dream symbolizes that you will wonder knowledge and you will improve yourself, you will be very knowledgable or you will seek innovation by having an insatiable desire for knowledge.

To see fire truck in your dream represents that you will become at higher status ,you will overcome the obstacles for this and you will handle with negative circumstances.

To see a fireman in your dream denotes that you will meet your old friend after long years or you will end up the disagreement between you and your old friend.

To see fire truck siren in your dream implies that your office will be closed or you will move from your current house.

To hear fire truck siren in your dream signifies that you will have disturbances in your environment and you will have gossip and disturbing conversations.

To see of becoming fireman in your dream symbolizes that you will learn lesson about your faults, you will be logical and you will critize yourself.

To see fire hose in your dream suggests that your vacation plan will be cancelled, you will be unhappy or you will get bad unexpected news. 

To see fire plane in your dream denotes that you will take firm steps forward for your job and personal life, you will rise rapidly, you will get support and thanks to this support, you will be at the top status.

To see fire station in your dream implies that you will have a property, you will have rental income, you will have a profit from sales.

To see red fire (department) in your dream may represent that you will be got accepted into good school or you will join there as a teacher.

To see fire and fire department in your dream states that you will have separation, you will change your town, you will move to a new house.

To see of getting on a fire car in your dream denotes that you will be a person who rises to the bait easily and gets chewed up and spit out or you will get rid of a property which becomes unvaluable and loses its speciality.

To see a fire ladder in your dream states that your family will expand with new members, you will marry into a crowded family.

To see of calling fire department in your dream suggests that you will be in a period which you will have confidence crisis or you will lose your health by being under stress.

Seeing a fire department putting the fire out in the dream indicates that the dreamer will forget his bad days on this page to fulfill his comfort, peace, joy and live happily and positively with his happiness. It is said that the problems will be solved, conflicts, hostilities and hatred will disappear, and an atmosphere of love and peace will be established. It is a beautiful dream, portraying the presence of those who support and help in their hard times.

Seeing the fire truck not on the job in the dream

To see a fire truck in the dream means that tears of joy, to realize dreams and to be very happy. It is said that the prays of the owner of the dream will be accepted, that the dreams come true, and that his repentance will reach its purpose.

Calling Fire Department in the dream

Calling firefighters in the dream, means that dream owner will live bad days, sadness, boredom, and unhappiness. It means that his work and life will progress in the opposite direction, your antipathy and frustration will come to the top.

Seeing Firefight Ladder in the dream

To see the firefight ladder in the dream means that to make a marriage that will bring happiness and peace for life, to be happy about his wife or her husband and children. It means that the dream owner will be happy forever and family members will be tightly bound together.

See Firefighting Hose in the dream

Anyone who sees firefighting hose in his dream will be disturbed, his plans and programs will be broken, and nothing will be as he thinks. The person will be sad and desperate and will feel very badly with the unrealization of the dreams he longs to realize.

Seeing oneself as a Fireman in the dream

Seeing oneself as a fireman in the dream indicates that the dreamer will not be able to start again with the things he had previously tried and failed, that he would avoid the unsuccessful work and become a cautious person.