Dream Meaning of Chest (Packing Case)

To see a chest in your dream means that you have conscience, your heart softens and you have your heart in the right place. If you see a straight chest in your dream, it refers to a job which will be done with the purpose of goodness. Patterned chest in your dream refers to spiritual peace, being wise.

To carry a chest in your dream represents that you will make peace with your relative. If the chest is heavy, you are unjust in a troublous issue. If the chest is empty, a person whom you don't talk will notice his/her fault. 

To dream that you open the chest refers to a lost commodity which will be found. If this is a wood chest, it refers to good news which will be heard from your relatives. If it is iron chest, it refers to good incident which will be done among close friends. 

To close a chest in your dream indicates that you won't care marks which belongs to a bad issue. You ignore that and forget it. 

To find crateful golden in your dream may represent that you will get in return for your favors in both worlds and do good jobs. 

To dream that you give the chest a stir indicates that you will enter into a crowded society and have conflicts with people whom you meet. 

To see a chest's key in your dream means that your eye of the heart is open and you have peace. If you open the chest with key in your dream, it tells that your prayer will increase, your life will be in order. If you couldn't open the chest with key, it symbolizes an ill-intentioned person who confronts you as a barrier or a difficulty you will face. If you lock the chest with key, it means that you will draw line and reach your target.

To see of buying a chest in your dream denotes support which will be taken from a big person, aid which will come from an issue you need. 

To see of selling a chest in your dream implies that you will give support to your friend or family member. 

To hide inside the chest in your dream may indicate that you will have an embarrassing issue against an incident. You will be condemned by people. If you see a person who hides inside the chest in your dream, it refers to rumor, statement which will be heard about yourself. 

To throw or break chest in your dream refers to home change, setting up a family.

To burn a chest in a dream refers to job change or separation or disagreement which you will have with your close friend.  

To have travel with a chest in your dream refers to health problems.

To see a wedding chest in your dream represents that you or a single person will get married.