Dream Meaning of Becoming Thin

To become thin in the dream suggests big troubles and certain kind of supernatural efforts in order to get over. It metaphorically implies a weakness also in real life, the dreamer makes unnecessary payments, goes into debt and feeling the pinch becomes sick.

To dream about someone who becomes thin is interpreted on behalf of that person, meaning that that very person gets and remains poor for  a long time. If the person is a foreigner to the dreamer, then it is all about himself.

The person who sees himself extremely losing weight in his dream, faces a big defeat. It may also mean a big economic pressure that will last long and cause the person to turn grey.

The dreamer who dreams about weight loss, may actually want to make an effort to have a small size and a beautiful body. Alternatively, it can also mean careful and cautious steps in the pursuit of one’s own ideals. If the dreamer goes on that way, it means the victory is near to him!

To dream that you are on a diet indicates that you are giving up the things that are unhealthy in your life and experience extreme changes in one’s life, such as moving in a luxurious housing estate while living in a shanty.