Dream Meaning of Bag

To see a bag in a dream signifies a lot of money or a package that will come from an unexpected place.

A shoulder bag in your dream indicates that you will have a journey related to school or job and even if there are events which upset you during this journey, it means that the problems will disappear.

To dream that you don't find your bag inside your home signifies that you will lose some money but a child from your family will find this money as soon as possible.

To see a handful of cash inside your bag in your dream may represent that you will buy a property and you will use this with the purpose of investment.

To see a bag full of goods in your dream suggests that you will meet new people and you shouldn't approach with prejudice towards these people.

To dream that the inside of the bag is empty signifies that some of your dreams will occur as soon as possible.

To enter into a shop selling bags denotes that you will receive kindness from someone.

To see of buying a bag in your dream signifies that you will fulfill your targets and your family will be proud of you. 

To dream that the zipper of bag is out of order indicates that a new person will join your family and this person will do good jobs for family.

To see that the inside of bag is complex in your dream may represent that your life will be in order. If you are single, it means that you will get married with a good person. If you are married, it refers to child or the order within family.

If string hanger of the bag gets disconnected from bag, it means that you will face health problems but as long as you raise your morale, the whole troubles will disappear.

Dream Meaning of Dark Blue

To see dark blue in your dream symbolizes business life. Dreaming of dark blue denotes that you have a intense business life, your work is related to paper work, signatures and seals. The color of dark blue indicates formality, public service and authority. To dream about dark blue denotes that the dreamer may be appointed to an important position in a state office or get a job offer as a manager.    

Dark blue shirt

To dream a dark blue shirt indicates that you will be successful in your educational life and business life and will be always the best.  It implies that you will succeed in your school and job with your hard work and effort.

Dark blue bag

The dream interpretation of dark blue bag is getting a job offer which you can work as a very nice and qualified employee and you will go to a job interview. If you accept this offer, both the position and the salary will be high and will make you very pleasant.

Navy Blue Dress

Wearing dark blue dress in a dream means that you will make a good progress in an official business or a case, official issues or case will come to a conclusion on behalf of you. So you may sleep well and rest comfortably.

Dark Blue Jacket

Dreaming of dark blue jacket denotes that you will be in a crowded place to bring an end to a good issue and you also will take a place in this crowd. Graduation ceremony, oath-taking ceremony, marriage, engagement or wedding ceremony can be given as examples of good issues.

Dark Blue Tie

Dark blue tie in a dream may symbolize that someone who is not in your social environment will desire you and want to get a relationship with you, and you will also be pleasant.