Dream Meaning of Wound

To see wound in a dream means that you attract attention, there are new beginnings, there is a friend who stays in the background.

To see wound which bleeds in a dream refers to goodness. Blood flowing from the wound in a dream signifies liveliness. If the blood flowing from the wound is gathered in a place in your dream, it means that you will get material staffs.

If the flowing blood disappears or congeals in your dream, it signifies that you will spend your money, have daily happiness.

To see wounds on hands and feet in your dream may represent that there will be a property which makes you money without any effort or people whom you make business with will make you a lot of money by making efforts for you. If you see wounds on another person's hand and foot in your dream, you will provide benefit to another person much more than yourself in a job.

To see wound on your face in your dream may represent that a person who watches you in your environment exists.

To see wounds on your stomach in your dream indicates that because of drunkenness of your successes recently, you don't notice your wrong works.

If you see the wounds on your back in your dream, the person whom you betray will call you to account or will leave you in a difficult situation.

If you see the wounds on sexual organ in your dream, it refers to a person who is very close to you, who waits for your attention but you don't think.

To see that you pull off the wound, pluck the shell in your dream may indicate that you will take result, conclude a job. If this wound which is plucked bleeds in your dream, it tells that you will be successful in your job, your offer will be accepted.

If the wound doesn't bleed although you pluck, the wound recovers in your dream, it represents that you will notice the thing you exaggerated or you will apologise from your spouse or friend.

To see that you have many wounds in your dream refers to a temporary love. If you see a person who has many wounds, it signifies a lover who won't stay faithful to you and be far away from you quickly.

To dream that you cure, clean the wound symbolizes that you will be happy by coming back to the person you abandoned. You will find peace by participating into an environment which you haven't gone for a long time again.

To see a plaster in your dream may symbolize that you will hear news from a friend whom you haven't seen for a long time and who stays in a distant place.

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