Dream Meaning of Wood

Dream Meaning of Wooden Furniture

Seeing wood in a dream means goodness in life and it shows you don’t bother any sorrow or pain, you avoid from sadness and tears and give more importance to happiness and peace than everything. Also, it shows that you are not a grumpy or uncoordinated person. It indicates you are a simpatico and thoughtful one.

Dream Meaning Of A Wooden Window

This dream means that you prefer a life away from stress; noise and problems and also you desire living in countryside or a summer place in your elderliness. It shows that you want a peaceful life when you are retired.

Dream Meaning Of A Wooden Door

It indicates that you have life with joy, happiness, tolerance, empathy, unity and wealth. There will be always honesty and sincerity in your family and family members always stay loyal to each other and be honest.

Dream Meaning Of A Wooden Ship

It means that you are an exceptional and extraordinary person and you like changes. It shows that you want to try different activities all the time; you are a brave modern person who wants to do extreme things.

Dream Meaning Of A Wooden Box

It means that you have a supreme spirituality that you give importance to keep all the gifts you are given to death, you always refresh your memory, you never forget your past and you live by thinking all your recollection, both good and bad memories.

Dream Meaning Of A Wooden Chair

It indicates that you encounter with new and beneficial opportunities in your job, you will find ways to earn money. Hence, your life will be easy, enjoyable, beautiful and perfect.

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