Dream Meaning of Walnut Tree

To see a walnut tree in a dream refers to cooperation and intensification of the relationships.

To see walnuts on walnut tree in your dream may represent that you will give financial support to one of your neighbours and in return for this, you will take benediction from him/her.

To see of collecting walnuts from walnut tree in your dream may represent that you will want some financial aid from one of your friends even if you hold off from doing this and your friend will help you willingfully.

To plant walnut tree in your dream symbolizes unity and solidarity within family and no fights.

To dream that you climb to the walnut tree may suggest that some people from your family elders will set up a business or your family will feel relieved for financial issue because of the success in business.

To see that you fall from a walnut tree in your dream implies that your future life will be abundant, comfortable and peaceful.
To cut a walnut tree in your dream signifies that even if uneasiness within family occurs because of financial issue, this bad condition will fix as soon as possible.

To dream that you shake the walnut tree out indicates that you will set up a new business by using your information and making new inventions or you will help for being set up a business.
To see walnut trees in your dream signifies that your problems with your partner or family will come to an end and your tie will be stronger.
To see that the walnuts fall from the tree in your dream indicates that you will have a lot of money as soon as possible and this money will be spent for good reasons.


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  1. Leaves of a tree means the aid necessary for the health of a tree. Seeing walnuts but no leaves may imply that you will get a success. It’s good so far. But in order to last this success you will not find anybody around, you will have to stand on your own. And also there will be no one to applaud. Luckily these cases of life makes us stronger and increase our self confidence

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