Dream Meaning of Walnut Sapling

To see walnut sapling in your dream implies that you will be successful in your works, your family will be proud of you.

To dream that you plant walnut sapling indicates that you are envied in your school or business life and people always mention about your works. If you see a person who plants walnut sapling in your dream, it means that you talk behind someone’s back and you shouldn’t make such conversations because of not appearing these subjects.

To see that you buy walnut sapling in your dream signifies that there is a person who has emotional feelings towards you but this person won’t be good for you.

To see that you sell walnut sapling in your dream indicates that you refrain from asserting your opinions in some issues. However, recently saying your thoughts will be better for you. If you sell walnut sapling to a person whom you know in your dream, it means that when you reveal your feelings towards a person, you will have a happier life in the future.

To water walnut sapling in your dream suggests that you have difficult times now, you will overcome these difficult times with the help of your family. As long as you spend time with your family, you will feel better.

To see that walnut sapling gets dried in your dream indicates that you are preoccupied with some problems within your family. However, a woman outside the family will finish these problems.

To dream that walnut sapling grows suddenly indicates that your works going bad in your job or school life will fix in the long run and your self confidence will come back.

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