Dream Meaning of Vomiting

Vomiting in the dream means salvation. It reveals that the dream owner will get rid of bad days and bad luck, that his life will be beautiful, and that he will have peace. It means that the person who sees the dream, the affairs, the debts, the responsibilities and if the disease will end and the person will be comfortable. This dream portrays a true believer in a way of returning to the right path, in a religion and in moral indulgence.

The person who see vomit that he/she has been occupied in the dream, stands close to success and happiness, his face turns to seek God, and there are ways to bring him / her in front of him, meaning to get rid of lack of luck and lack of luck. The dream owner is not going to embarrass his family thanks to the good work he will do from this day forth that he will be happy.

Seeing Someone Vomiting  in the dream

If someone sees a person vomiting in the dream indicates that he or she will do some work that will leave him in a difficult situation. So to say the person will throw himself into the fire with his own hand and will be the man himself again for his own happiness.

Cleaning the vomit in a dream

The one who sees that he has cleansed his or her vomit in his dream will cleanse his soul from all evil and deceit, will abandon his adherence to his soul, and fulfill the requirements of circumcision to become good servants of God.

Seeing an ill person is vomiting in a dream

Seeing the vomit of someone who is sick in a dream means that he or she is ominous for that person, and that his illness will no longer be good and that he will not be able to attain salvation. It is good for the other person around and it is interpreted as surprise developments, good news, good auspicious works.


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