Dream Meaning of Trousers

To see trousers in a dream refers to aid or kindness which you will receive.

To see that you wear a pair of trousers in your dream may represent that you will receive assistance from a person when least expected and you will be as thick as thieves with this person. If you wear a big trousers in your dream, your financial gain will increase and good person or jobs will confront you.

To dream that you take off your trousers means that it will be beneficial that you should talk to a person who is close to you when you feel bad.

To tear trousers in your dream indicates that you should solve your problems with love. Otherwise, your works will get worse.

To see a torn trousers in a dream signifies that there will be innovations about job or school. These updates will be good for your family and you.

To see that your trousers burn on you in your dream signifies that you will get married if you are single. If you are married, your relationship with your spouse will be better.

To see of buying trousers from a store in your dream refers to a new stage, new jobs and good updates.

To make trousers worn to a person in your dream symbolizes that a lot of money will come from a place and you will use this money for an important problem.

To see that you give trousers as a gift to a person in your dream refers to material things. If trousers were given as a gift to you in your dream, you will be slandered but the truths about you will reveal as soon as possible.

To see that you lose trousers in your dream may represent that you should be grateful for your possessions. Instead of rebellion, you should look at your environment with good thoughts. By this way, your life will be better.

To dream that you cut trousers means that forgetting your past and looking at the front will be better for you. In addition, the quality of your relationship will increase.

To see that you sew trousers in your dream indicates that desires in your mind and heart will fulfill as soon as possible and barriers in front of you will disappear gradually.

To make trousers sewed in your dream signifies that there will be a great change in your life. You shouldn’t resist to this change. On the contrary, looking at the change well will be beneficial.

To iron trousers in your dream means that you will get out of problems in your mind and get relaxed. An old person from your family will be a mediator fort his.

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