Dream Meaning of Tree Branch

Dream of a tree branch symbolizes family, grandchildren, children, brides and grooms. It indicates that your family will grow larger by marriage and birth. If there are flowers on the branch, it means that you will have a child soon. It may also be interpreted as marriage.

Dream Of Breaking A Tree Branch

Dream of breaking a tree branch symbolizes harmful events and sadness. It indicates that you are going to break people’s hearths and you will not treat them kindly. It may also symbolizes a death in the family.

Dream Of Green Branch

Dream of green branch or a tree with green leaves indicates that you are satisfied with your life and all the benefits your life brings to you. It means that your children will be decent and kind people. Your effort on them will not go to waste.

Dream Of Picking Green Leaves

Dream of picking green leaves indicates that all your wishes and needs will be fulfilled, your business life will take a good turn, your wealth will grow and soon, you will make a huge and beneficial business deal.

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  1. i was just standing near the tree and a former friend of mine ask me to get him a branch of tree for him and he has something to do with it. what does that Dream Means?

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