Dream Meaning of Treasury

To see treasury in your dream means that you will earn money from trade, abundance will be seen in production, your desires will occur in your love life. Alternatively, this dream signifies a brother/sister or daughter/son which will make you proud you and be successful.

To see the treasury as golden, diamond, valuable stones or jewelleries in your dream signifies that you will reach the level of a person who has a voice in commerce, you will live and direct your love life as you wish and.

To dream that you find a treasury may represent that you will fall in love, meet with an important person whom you will be affected from his/her statements and behaviors. Also, you will have a trade opinion which you will earn high profit.

To see that you share the treasury in your dream may indicate that you will work with your compatible copartners, you will gain profit together without any separation or disagreement.

To dream that you are looking for a treasury indicates that you will want some help from your relatives because you want to draw attention of a person who doesn’t like you. However, after a while, you will succeed this with a method which you found. Also, this dream denotes doing business with the state.

To see that you dig treasury in your dream may represent that although you made effort too much before, you will reach the success by finding a simple solution about an issue which you don’t know about too much. You will come to the forefront by closing the gap between you and your rivals.

To see people who dig treasury in your dream may indicate that there will be people who want to deal with their own jobs by using your name or by imitating you.

To see a treasury map in your dream means finding solution for a sick person, being rich for a poor person, having a baby for a person who isn’t able to have a baby, opening the fortune for a person who isn’t able to get married. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that you will be successful by trading or do business for your own account by abandoning you current job.

To see that you steal the treasury in your dream may represent that you don’t know your things which you have value. Although you don’t make a claim, your belongings will be made a claim by another people.

To see treasury in a house, garden or field in your dream denotes that you will have a happy and peaceful life with your family and people who are close to you. If you see the treasury in your office or school, this dream means that you will get promotion, have important achievements which will draw attention.

To see treasure chest in your dream may represent that you will get married with a person whose welfare level is high.

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