Dream Meaning of Treasure

Seeing treasure in a dream means that earning Money from commerce , abundance in crop and realization of requests in love life.

Seeing treasure  in a dream sometimes symbolizes a sibling or child that will be successful and does honour to you.

To see a treasure with gold, diomand, precious Stone or jewellery indicates that you will achieve the condition of the old man in trade and you will live love life as you want.

Finding a treasure  in a dream indicates that you will fall in love, you will meet someone impressing by her words or behaves ,or you will gain insight about trade that provide you high salary.

Sharing treasure with someone in a dream indicates that you will work with consistent partners and gain profit without disagreement or separation.

Searching treasure in a dream indicates that you will want help from your relatives to attract one’s attention who dislike you but after a while you will make it with your own way.

Digging treasure in a dream indicates that you will be successful in a matter  finding a simple solution you failed once although you made an effort and you will come to the fore making up the difference with your opponent.

To see someone digging treasure indicates that there will be someone imitate you or there will be someone who wants to solve his own  works by using your name.

Seeing treasure chart in a dream means that finding a remedy for patient, geting rich for poor one, having a baby for childless and receiving a marriage proposal for spinster. Seeing treasure chart indicates that you will be successful going into business or you will give up your job and do your own job.

Seeing treasure in the house, garden or farm indicates that you will in happiness and peace with your family. Seeing treasure in the school or Office indicates that you will get a promotion and succeed drawed attention.

Seeing treasure chest in a dream indicates that you will marry someone whose welfare level is up.

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