Dream Meaning of Tile

To see tile in your dream refers to happiness and joy.

To dream that you wipe up tile indicates that your relative will want your help financially and you will respond to this help.
To see of cleaning tile in your dream signifies that you will get rid of your financial problems thanks to one of your relatives.

To wash tile in your dream may represent that a person whom you don’t know will do you a favor.

To tile in a dream implies that you will visit your relative who is ill and this ill person’s health condition will be better.

To break tile in your dream may signify that people whom you don’t like will mention about you but you shouldn’t pay attention too much.

To dream that the tile is broken indicates that problems which you will have with your family will occur but these won’t create troubles too much, everything will be all right.

To dream that you pull out the tile may represent that your life will change positively and this new life will contribute a lot of things to you.

To see dark tiles in your dream may indicate that there are people whom you don’t get on very well with among your friends but you will make good friendships with these people as soon as possible.

To see light tiles in your dream indicates that even if you have problems in your business life, you should keep calm.

A dirty tile refers to a baby for a married person, clean tile symbolizes marriage for a  single person.

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