Dream Meaning of Table (Low round dining table)

To see table or dining table in your dream may refer to loyalty to tradition, virtue, merit and respect.

To see breakfast table in your dream signifies good starts. It also means that incidents will be concluded positively, you will have power.

To set or prepare a table in your dream indicates that you will behave what your elders want and they will appreciate you. Also, you will improve yourself and be respected, be given as a model.

To see a table cloth in your dream implies having a good life, honest way which will be followed as you reach your targets, being successful.

To collect table in a dream refers to holiday, relaxation, and business trip.

To see table tray in a dream refers to place where one earns his living which brings income, getting rental income, deserving heritage.

To dream that you topple the table may represent that you direct toward swearword, have a bad relationship, and lose trust.

To sit for the table in your dream signifies relationship, participation in a community, finding support, having power.

To be invited to the table in your dream may suggest that you are directed wrongly for a job which you come to the decision for, you will lose your job, fight with a person as a result of discussion.

To read table pray in your dream refers to halal commodity, finding a job, shedding tears of joy, taking step for a public institution.

To see binge, rake table in your dream represents natural event, disaster, no fertility or not taking production from land.

To see a community around the table in your dream refers to support taken from brother/sister, gift coming from mother or father, refreshment of the integrity within family.

To see table salt in a dream indicates that you will enter into a period with full of abundance, your gain will increase, do favor and start a journey to gain goodness.

To eat from the table in your dream refers to a regular life, happy marriage or a peaceful and continuous relationship.

To see table fight in a dream means that you will be pushed into the loneliness or come together with people whose opinions are opposite.

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