Dream Meaning of Step (Foster)

Dream Meaning of Step (Foster)

To see foster / adoptive in your dream usually indicates a bad symbol. The dream generally interpreted as you will be deceived, will face with some lies and will suffer from your enemies. It also suggests that you will be disappointed because of your friends. The dream may imply  that there are many two faced and evil-minded people around you.  So you should be careful in your life about these people.   

Alternatively, the dream meaning of seeing foster indicates that you will get into trouble because of someone’s mistakes. For example you may face with a problem due to vouching for a friend and you will have to pay his / her debt.  Also, to see a foster / step in dream is a sign of getting frauded.

Besides, the dream may illustrate that you will have an arguement with your ex-spouse. If you were divorced, then dreaming foster signifies that you will quarrel your ex wife / ex husband and  you won’t be able to see your child for a while.

Dreaming with stepmother

To see your stepmother in your dream may be a sign of a bad news about your family.  Also the dream may be interpreted as getting a news of death of someone who you are in bad with.

Alternatively, the dream interpretation of stepmother denotes that you will be deceived by your close friends or your relatives.  As a result of this betrayal you will feel tired in psychologically and you won’t be able to focus on daily things.  Sometimes the dream is a sign of some health problems.

To dream step father

The dream meaning of step father implies that you will face with problems in your business life and you will be demoralized due to some harsh words. These harsh words will come from someone you have known and it will be unexpected for you.  Also, to see step father in dream you will lose trust on people, you will be disappointed because of one of your friends attitude.

The psychological interpretation of dreaming about adoptive / step

The dream usually a symbol of feeling alone in real life. The dreamer may be feel lonely, he / she can’t communicate with people truly and there are many misunderstandings.

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