Dream Meaning of Stamp

To see a stamp in a dream means that you will be endpoint, deal with dangerous jobs, get excited. Alternatively, this dream tells that you will be the center of attraction in your environment, people will envy you because of your clothing and jobs. If you see very big stamp in your dream, you will earn money from dangerous jobs, meet with your spouse in a place where these kinds of jobs are done.

To see of buying stamp in your dream signifies that you will have the interest of an attractive person. By meeting with a reputable person, you will do business with this person.

To see a stamp on an envelope or you stick a stamp on the envelope in your dream indicates that you will share your secret curiosity in a short term without being afraid of it. If you stick a stamp on any kind of things, you will have this thing which you stick on.

To collect stamps or see a stamp collection in your dream refers to money which will come from unexpected place, love confession which will come from unexpected person.

To tear, burn, cut a stamp in your dream may symbolize that you will meet with a person who sweep you off of your feet, because of this person, you will be at odds with your partner or spouse.

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