Dream Meaning of squeezing a lemon

Dream Meaning of squeezing a lemon

To dream that you are squeezing a lemon represents that you will interfere someone’s duty needlessly and your attitude will lead to a unpleasantness. In other words, squeezing lemon in your dream suggests that you will speak about an issue unnecessarily, attract all attention in the negative way, and as a result of your behaviour you will have to be in an undesirable dialogue.

Even though the dream interpretation of squeezing lemons is usually to be criticized because of your manner about intervening other people’s duties, the dream meaning may signify different symbols. For example, to dream that you are squeezing lemon into a salad is a sign of an adventureful life. Dreaming of squeezing lemons into a bowl indicates that your behaving like a stingy and saving every penny. Additionally, it states that tightening your budget is bothering your family extremely.

If you squeeze a lemon and drink this juice in your dream, then the dream denotes that you will get an unpleasant news and this will make you unhappy.       

Dream meaning of squeezing a rotten lemon

Dreaming that you are squeezing a rotten lemon symbolizes making the same mistakes repeatedly. The dream suggests that you are spending a lot of money and people want to take advantage of you. So, you are unable to make two ends meet. Alternatively, to dream of squeezing rotten lemon may be a sign of wasting time on an unproductive work.

Purchasing a lemon in your dream

Dream interpretation of buying yellow lemons suggests that you are standing upright although some problems. Buying green lemons in your dream illustrates that you are at the beginning of a business and you need to wait some time to earn profit.

Psychological interpretation of squeezing lemon in the dream

Dreaming that you are squeezing lemons may be a sign of an extreme dissatisfaction. The dream meaning symbolizes that the dreamer is feeling upset because he always asks for more.


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