Dream Meaning of Spy

To see a spy in a dream suggests that you will have achievements in school or job. The obstacles will disappear.

To dream that you are spying on a person represents that you will keep your distance from people who influence your business life negatively and you will end up your relationships. By this means, your achievements will increase more.

To become a spy in your dream implies that you will complete your jobs as soon as possible thanks to people within your family who support you and you will be successful. If you see a person who is spying in your dream, it means that everyone will mention about your successes.

To meet with a spy in your dream signifies that the failures and bad events will be in order.

To see that you caught a spy in your dream indicates that there will be problems in your school or job for a short time but everything will get better. If you see that a spy caught a person in your dream, it means that you will help a person about his/her school or business life.

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