Dream Meaning of Sprout

To see sprout in a dream refers to abundance, a sudden love, a person who will be admired. It may be interpreted with the type of its own plant. If the sprouts are healthy and lively, it refers to happiness in love.

To see sprouted onion, garlic, potato or any kind of fruits or vegetables in your dream refers to a person who will confront you in an unexpected place and sweep you off of your feet.

To see a sprouted tree in your dream refers to a new love or a new income coming to your home.

To see a sprouted seed in a dream implies that you will hear a birth news and there is a child who will provide benefit to his/her generation.

To see a plant sprouted on the wall or stone in your dream indicates that you will enjoy by yourself by catching an achievement which nobody support or believe by yourself. If you see a plant sprouted on concrete in your dream, it means that a person who don’t like and underestimate you will change his/her attitude towards you and will fall in love with you.

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  1. What is meaning of sprouts growing on head then hair skin with hair going to peel at some side with underlying blooy skin?

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