Dream Meaning of Sport (Doing exercise)

To see that you do exercise in a dream refers to health.

To dream that you sweat too much as you do sport means that you will reach high status.

To see that you get out of breath as you do exercise in your dream indicates you will have health problems.

To dream that you do exercise with a person implies that you will take debt from a person. 

To dream that you are running during sport suggests that you will be bored from your relative's talk.

To see that you have difficulty when you do sport in your dream indicates that your health will be all right.

To do exercise with a bicycle in your dream means that you will have a tiring travel. 

To participate in sports competition indicates that you will be in the limelight.

To dream that you are disabled during sport means that your problems about job will be all right as soon as possible. 

To see that any place on your body bleeds during sport in your dream may represent that if you are married, your marriage will spoil. If you are single, your fortune will close.

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