Dream Meaning of Spinach

To see spinach in your dream refers to health.

To see of eating spinach in your dream may represent that even if you have a difficulty about a monetary issue, you will be relaxed later.

To see that you are washing the spinach in your dream may symbolize that you will struggle with your health problems and you won’t get ill easily.

To dream that the spinach is muddy and soiled may forewarn you that your meals will influence your health badly.

To make spinach meal in your dream means that some problems about your children’s health will happen but they will overcome immediately.

To see that you make another person eat the spinach meal in your dream indicates that you will hear fresh news about your relative’s health and you will be happy about this news.

To see of buying spinach in your dream may symbolize that there will be good news about your elders’ health problems thanks to you or your close relatives.

To see of selling spinach in your dream signifies that some people will help you about your health.

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