Dream Meaning of Space

To see space in a dream refers to having experience, getting important information and maturation. 

To see that you go to the space in your dream means that you will gain prestige, by getting information about a significant issue, you will consult people. 

To dream that you are at the space and confront with different shaped objects may indicate that you will return from a journey with information and experience which will change your life. You will get a lot of income from an idea or job which you improves thanks to your creativity.

To see space craft in your dream may signify that you will give advice to people, teach lesson, write a book about an issue which you are experienced for.

To get on spacecraft, have space travel in your dream indicates that you will find peace and give positive thoughts to people with this mode. 

To see the world from the space in your dream may signify that you will understand the importance of people in your life well by learning lesson from a bad issue and spend a lot of time with them by protecting your family.

To see an alien in your dream may represent that you will work for an educated person, make a study with a person who gains strength in terms of materiality and spirituality, you will feel different by undertaking a mission about an important issue.

To see alien invasion in your dream may indicate that a person who makes similar studies with you will try to utilize from your stop. Your rival starts to have a person in his/her spell more than you about an issue.

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