Dream Meaning of Soap

To see a soap in your dream indicates that you will react, enter a protest, make a warning and give advice.

To see soap bubble in your dream may represent that you will overreact by losing control of yourself because of injustice you have and because of this, you will end up being the one in the wrong although you are right.

To wash your hand, face with soap in your dream suggests that you will hear a warning from your mother or father about your spendings.

To dream that you couldn't lather the soap represents that your environment lost hope about you but you will make everyone shocked with your job.

To see a white soap in your dream means that you will turn back from the mistake thanks to an advice you heard. A black soap in your dream indicates you will get harm because you didn't listen an advice from a person. A colourful soap in a dream suggests that again you won't listen an advice which you didn't listen before and you get harm, then you will get harm deliberately.

To see of buying a soap in your dream may indicate that a person whom you think as your friend will try to make you feel small by provoking people around you.

To dream that the soap slides in your hand constantly refers to a son/daughter or sister/brother who doesn't obey.

To see of eating soap in your dream symbolizes that there are people who are waiting for advice from you. If you see a person who eats soap in your dream, it means that there are people who envy your status among people.

To dream that you take a soap from a person or box implies that a person whom you don't get on well will try to make you feel small by provoking people around you.

To dream that you sell or give a soap to a person signifies that you will mislead a person who wants your advice deliberately and you will get profit from this.

To see a soap inside your cloth on you in your dream means that you will be more comfortable person by finishing your agressive and nervous behaviours. If you take out a soap in your dream, it tells that you will give unusual nervous reactions against incidents.

To see a liquid soap in your dream may imply that people will make you a joking matter when you give a chance to people. People will make you feel small by perverting your statements.

To see soap as smudge on your clothes in your dream means that people will try to share your achievement by coming together.

2 thoughts on “Dream Meaning of Soap”

  1. In my dreams, I ate white soap and it stick to my teeth and I tried to remove it, then I woke up and its taste leaves on my mouth, so what does it mean?

  2. closer to the end of my dream , i was sitting at the edge of a bed with people around me, people i didn’t recognize but right next to me was my close friend who was on her phone. i picked up the soap from somewhere in front of me i think possibly a little bag. And in my mind i didn’t think it was soap. but i picked it up and looked at it closely and examined it. In my dream i thought it was candy but the shape and size was a bar of soap. it was pink. i put the whole thing in my mouth and i tried to chew and as i did my jaw was stuck with this stickiness and size. and then i started to freak because i couldn’t find a ride home and i was telling my close friend that and she was worried. i then run into the hallway and go the the bathroom. i locked the door and i tried to pry this thing out of my mouth and it was dripping pink stuff around my mouth but it tasted like taffy. and i couldn’t speak. i tried so hard to rip it out and i would be pulling chewed pieces and thrown it into the toilets/trash. and i tried but some of it wouldn’t budge.then my close friend had walked in, even tho i had locked the door and i thought it was a stranger so i tried to shut it but she kinda pushed through until i realized it was her. and she was kinda confused and then i showed her and then she saw a chewed green apple and threw it in the toilet/trash. and she said eww, and then looked at me and said oh not you, she implied that, that was her apple. and then i took her hands and guided her to help me get this out of my mouth and she did help me and we got it out and flushed it all away. and then i was scared. i didn’t want to be alone and all of my other friends left ((that i haven’t seen in a really long time) and bad things were happening to me before in the dream i was hallucinating with my brother and two sisters at one point and then i went to my old childhood house ( in real life it was supposed to be knocked down but they repaired it) and i wanted to stay. and i went to this school dance and it was basically a reunion with all of my old friends but i also had a few of my friends currently at where i at know in the dream along with the close friend. i hugged everyone at the start but the dream got choppy throughout there. and then we went into this room and me and one of my current friends sat on the bed while 3 other people where on the other and they had hallucinations before and we were all telling stories and this girl pulled out a knife but it was like fake and then she would demonstrate what happened and then she would stab each person in the neck but didn’t hurt them it was pretend pretty much. but i didn’t want to i was scared and i backed out. then that girl left( but that girl was someone i knew in my current life she looked exactly like my close friend ruby. in the dream i thought it was her, but she went by the name scarlet which is my friends x best friend from a long while ago)along with everyone else and i went some where and then i couldn’t find a ride home and then all of a sudden my close friend appeared as if it was normal and that takes it back to how i ate the soap. and to the end of the dream bad things started to stir and it felt scary but not extreme. long story short can anyone please tell me what this would symbolize or mean!? is this a sign?

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