Dream Meaning of sister

Dream Meaning of sister

Dreaming sister is a kind of dream, represents receiving precursory, fortunate and gratifying news. If you are single, you will meet with your dreamed partner and get marriage soon. Sister is a symbol of a family member or a closed friend, which supports you in every kind of business and gives necessary advises on time. The symbol sister keeps you close and save. The symbol sister stays on your background and gives consults to you. Having sister in dreams also portend that you will live a long life in happiness. If you are a woman and see your own sister, it suggests that you will have a beautiful daughter. If you are a man and see your own sister, it means you will gain a huge amount of money from a lottery or other kinds of chance games.

Giving a Kiss to Sister in Dream

If you kissed your sister in dream, you will be very lucky in your waking life. You will meet with your dreamed partner; get along with a beautiful and long affair. You won’t have any educational problems, and will graduate from a highly respectful university.  If your sister kissed you, the dream suggests that you are highly keen on your family and liked by your family on this habit.

Dream Meaning of “You have a Sister although You don’t have a Sister in real life”

If you experienced a dream of having a sister even though you don’t have, you are very lucky person in your waking life. That is because, your family, friends and othjer acquantances like you very much and they are keen on you. They miss and like spending time with you. There are some people around you, who think they can’t live without you.

Having the Husband of Your Sister in Dream

If you had a dream of seeing your sister’s husband even though your sister is single or you don’t have a sister in your waking life, the dream suggests that you will be very succesful in your professional life and cause happiness to your friends and family. You will overcome all of your problems, and get clear of all the obstacles in your job.

Having Your Sister Dead in Dream

Unlike seen, the dream meaning of dead sister is kind of positive dreams. Dreaming your sister in dream is a luck to the dream holder. The dream indicates that the dream holder’s life will be long enough to experience everything you wish. You don’t need anybody’s help on any jobs. You will be happy, healty and wealthy. You will have a chance to take charge for the projects that you have wanted to complete for a long time. In your professional life you will be promoted and get your salary increased with your sister’s help. From another aspect, this dreams suggests that how much you love your sister. You are fiercefull to lose her and even can’t imagine how things go without her.

Experiencing a Dream of Killing your Sister in Dream

Unlike seen, the dream meaning of killing your sister is to get close to your sister and to spend a lot of time with her. You will experience an event, which gets close you each other, and after you will be doing every job, overcoming every problem together.

Beating your Sister in Dream

The dream meaning of beating your sister in dream is contrarily, you will support your sister in every respect, will stand behind every decision taken by her. You will eye-catch and avoid her from problems and other evilish things. This kind of dream shows the closeness between you and your sister.

Having your Sister Engaged in Dream

The dream holder will receive fortunate, good news about her sister very soon. The news will offer you and your family happiness and welfare for your future.

Having your Sister Pregnant in Dream

The dream holder will receive fortunate, good news about her sister very soon. The news will offer you and your family happiness and welfare for your future. Your sister will provide you very big and needed help, which enables you to get rich in financial terms. You will be able to benefit from your investments and will be promoted to invest more. You will find ways to get much money and these ways ease to get closer between you and your sister. Your future will be very bright and easy that you experience many differenet things together.

Having your Sister in Wedding Dress in Dream

Here, the sister symbolizes a family member, that you want her/ him to be very happy. Therefore your wish will come true. One of your family members will receive news that is waited for a long time. This fortunate news makes you and your family grateful, that will bring many good news and peace to your lives. Your all dreams come true.

Having your Sister Sick in Dream

This is another kind of symbolic dream. The sick sister dream suggests that you helped many people in their difficult times and now it is time to get back. They are willing to help you on every business, which you need help and consult.

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  1. I am an african, but in my dream, my sister was pregnant for me, at the same time in the same dream another white lady was prevnant for me, and I was not comfortable with both in that dream, please what does that mean?

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