Dream Meaning of Short

To see a short in a dream may represent that the changes which you know and wait will happen before the deadline. This dream denotes early growth and improvement for children, reward or promotion which will come early fort he employees.

To wear a short in your dream implies that by realizing the updates which you will have earlier than you expected, you will achieve to keep under control. If you see a person who wears short in your dream, it tells that you will go on a holiday early because of anaccuse of one of your family. If the person wearing the short is a woman, you will earn the income before date.

To see of taking a short from a person in your dream may indicate that you will rent or borrow a car before a small travel. If you buy a short in your dream, you or one of your family will buy a new vehicle.

To perform prayer with a short in your dream means that you will get a new job. If you don’t feel disturbed as you perform prayer with a short, you will make a compulsory job change for your spouse or children.

To see a black short in a dream refers to a guest who saves you from a trouble. Also, your travel will be bad because you have a disease about your nutrition before your travel. A red short in your dream may imply that your spouse or lover will return early from a journey.

To see a short which is stringed out in your dream implies that your application’s result will come rapidly.

To wash a short in your dream means that if you know the person washing the short, it refers to an unexpected guest. If this person is foreigner, it signifies a rival who faces with you in your job or education. If you wash the short, you will feel that people don’t want you in your environment.

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