Dream Meaning of Shepherd’ Pipe (Reed)

To see a shepherd's pipe in a dream refers to talk, meeting and discussion.

To see that you are playing a shepherd's pipe in your dream refers to a dialogue with a person whom you don't get on very well.

If you see that you are playing shepherd's pipe well, it means that you will agree with this person. If you play it badly and as disturbing in your dream, it forewarns you that you won't solve the problem about this person.

To see a person who plays a shepherd's pipe in your dream indicates a person who will be a mediator between you and a person whom you don't agree with. 

To see that you hear the voice of a shepherd's pipe although you don't see it in your dream may imply that by depending upon an information you aren't sure, you will make a wrong comment about one of your relatives.

To see that you make a shepherd's pipe in your dream means that you will be hosted for a meeting that your friends will come together. If you see that a shepherd's pipe is made in your dream, it indicates that you will join an invitation prepared for yourself.

To see a broken shepherd's pipe which isn't working in your dream may symbolize that you will need a person's help and you are prepared to sacrifice this person.

To see that the shepherd's pipe is bought and sold in your dream indicates that you will earn your keep from a job which will be done by using speech ability and persuasion talent.

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