Dream Meaning of School Report Card

To see a school report card in a dream denotes that you calculate, review your behaviours, have a nervous waiting. Alternatively, this dream tells that you are about an important decision. If you see a proper school report in your dream, it means that you will take right steps, won't regret from your decisions. 

To see of taking a school report card in your dream may indicate that one of your expectancies will happen, you will hear news which you are waiting for a long time.
To see that you couldn't take a school report or you lose a school report in your dream may represent that a job which is about to finish will get longer because of a small misfortune.

To see a school report day in your dream suggests that you will call a person giving harm to you but you didn't give a response to account. You will close a harm coming from the past as soon as possible.

To see that your child or acquaintance takes a school report in your dream implies that you will give a positive response to a person who has expectancy regarding you. You won't refuse a person who wants help from you.

To see that you tear, change, burn a school report in your dream may imply that you will betray your family's trust but thanks to a job which you overcome, you will gain this trust again.

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