Dream Meaning of Ruler

Dream Meaning of Ruler

To see a ruler in a dream refers to new friendships.

To dream that you break a ruler implies that you will finish the past completely and you will look ahead.
A wood ruler signifies that there are people who make you happy and you will be happy with this person for a long time.

To see a broken ruler in your dream may represent that you will have a new school or new job and there will be people who close to you in this environment.

To see of buying a ruler in your dream may indicate that you will meet new people thanks to your friends and this friendship will change for the better long time.

To see of selling a ruler in your dream signifies that there are people who disturb you in your life and you will end up your friendships with these people. This situation will be good for you.

To find a ruler in your dream indicates that people will mention about your job in the environments that you enter into.

To dream that you rap someone across the knuckles implies that you will organize a funny programme with your close friends and you will develop an intimacy with your friends thanks to this programme.

To see that a person rap you across the knuckles may represent that you are working on a project or you are thinking about a topic, you will get through this issue successfully.

To measure something with a ruler may indicate that there will be a nice and good change in your appearance or house.

To see t square in your dream signifies that a situation that you want to do will accelerate and it will occur auspiciously. 

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