Dream Meaning of Rose

To see a rose in your dream signifies goodness.

To see red roses in your dream means that you will receive kindness from your family, yellow roses refers to kindness from your neighbors, white roses denotes kindness from  your relative.

If you see roses with other colors apart from these colors in your dream, you will receive kindness from a person whom you don’t know.

To dream that the way which you are walking, your bed, your home is covered with roses may represent that you will take a positive offer which changes your life radically from a place you don’t expect.

To see of collecting roses in your dream may signify that you are doing good things for your eternity life. The amount of roses refers to the amount of people whom you benefit from about this issue.

To see that the thorn of a rose is big in your dream may represent that you are being liked by people around you. The amount and size of the leaves of a rose symbolizes people who think goodness about you.

To see a rose which doesn’t open in your dream may represent that you will fee bad because you didn’t draw advantage from holy days sufficiently.

To see rose water in your dream may represent that if the smell of rose water is beautiful, you will do your whole environment favor. If the smell of rose is bad  in your dream, this dream denotes that you will do only small community favor.

To see of giving a rose to someone in your dream refers to the age of this person who the rose is given to. If the person who the rose is given to is old, it means that your life will last short. If this person is young, your life will last long.

To dream that you are smelling rose may indicate that an issue which you did before and whose end is bad will be concluded as positive as you expect.

To see of eating rose or rose jam in your dream may indicate that your family will be proud of you because of your achievement about an issue, people around you will recite praises for you.

To dream that you sell rose suggests that you will make trade but you will fail. If you see that a person sells the rose in your dream, it means that you will make trade and be successful. 

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  1. 2 Diffierent nights in a row i dreamed of a person named Rose. 2 Different people with the same name. I know the one as we used to work together and the other is named Rose as her Character in a show

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