Dream Meaning of Roof

To see roof in a dream symbolizes port of refuge, a community that you will join or reliable people.

To see steady and smooth roof in a dream refers to reliable and honest friends. If you see penthouse in your dream, it means that you will feel good and your anxieties are unreasonable.  

To see that the roof collapses, is ruined, flies in your dream may represent that you will reveal a lie of a person incidentally. There will be a person who wants to be under your protection. A rival will accept your superiority and obey your rules. 

To dream that you pull up the roof implies that you will finish your aid and kindness for someone else.

To see a burning roof or roof in flames in your dream indicates that you will start to consume the ready things and you will be too lazy to work.

To repair the roof or to see that the roof is repaired in your dream may represent that you will get better life conditions with your family as soon as possible; in this condition the biggest share will belong to you.  

To clean or wash the roof in your dream indicates that your order will change towards positive side with the participation of new person to the family. Alternatively, it symbolizes a party that you will give in your house.

To see a house without roof in your dream implies that a person who prefers someone else to you will regret and understand his/her fault and come back to you again.

To fall from the roof in your dream indicates that you will stay alone in a job starting with a crowd; you will separate from your collaborators and act individually. If you see a person who falls from the roof in your dream, it symbolizes a person who leaves you in the lurch and you should be careful about it.

To go from roof to roof, jump from the roof in your dream may represent that there are many people who help you in your bad times. If you need it, there are a lot of doors that you are able to knock.

To walk or run on the roof in your dream indicates that you will be sure about your spouse and friends, everyone will accept that you are different from others because thanks to your self-confidence, you overcome all things that the others don't temp to.

To dream that you climb the roof indicates that you will be dignitary and your status will be higher. If you see a person who climbs the roof, it refers to aid of support from a person whose status is very high.

If you see a bird, snake, cat or any kind of animal on the roof, it means that relief will come to your house thanks to a person outside your family. To see snow on the roof symbolizes glossiness and magnificence. The water refers to a regular gain. 

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  1. Years ago I had a series of intense and profound dreams. I really never understood them then, even the ones I attempted to look up. I am hoping to get help interpret a few dream symbols:

    – elder woman; hot water; teabag and mug; balcony; roofless apartment; wild animals running in the sky; zebra running in the sky

    – my mother in black; silent wailing; flashing grey/black hair; childhood friend

    The Dream

    Elder woman (my partner’s grandmother at the time) asks me to make tea but she only needs hot water because she’s brought her mug and a teabag. I rest my head on her shoulder at some point, but she’s very indifferent as is my partner.

    There’s a balcony from which I can see a block of flats. In the distance, I see a woman dressed in black throwing fits of despair; I hear silent wailing; her black hair flashes grey. Finally, I can make up her face and recognise that is my mum (or me) – i feel like something terrible has happened.

    Back in the living room, the mood is very different. It makes me forget, or at least put it at the back of my mind. The furniture is badly arranged and crowds the space; There’s a light on but it’s not bright. I continue to make an effort to entertain my partner’s grandmother. I start talking about space but I realise that my partner wants to be the one talking about it. I look up to the ceiling and realise there is no roof; I can see a blue sky and in it begin to form shapes of wild animals running. I can’t make out all of the shapes except a Zebra running in the sky.

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