Dream Meaning of Road

To see a road in a dream refers to fortune, chance, love, survive the hardship.

To dream that the road you see or you walk is very large and smooth indicates that you will open the doors of a happy and untroubled life by making the right decisions about your future. If you see a narrow road in your dream, it means that people who help you about your decisions which you can't make alone will present you the truest choices.

To see a crooked, up and down road in your dream implies that your fortune will increase, your life standards enhance but you should keep some people sweet in order to protect these standards and spend time regularly for a job which you don't like.  

To see an earth road in a dream refers to abundant staff. If you see asphalt road in your dream, it refers to achievements which you will get in business or education life. 

To see a damaged road which has holes in your dream indicates that you will face with a problem which you are afraid of having but you will overcome this issue easier that you predict.

To dream that you blaze a trail and you work for road construction signifies that you will get big profits in return for an investment which you made with halal ways. If you watch as a trail is blazed, you speak with people who make the road in your dream, it tells that you will get new opportunities by means of a job which you do in order to help your friend.

To see a straight road with trees in your dream indicates that you will start a journey with an assistant who doesn't allow that you make mistake. It also refers to a spouse who expands your horizon, a boss who always supports you. If you see a road with full of flowers in your dream, it implies that you will come together with a person whom you always think but you haven't seen for a long time. 

To see a closed road in your dream means that you will be separate from your friend whom you have a travel with and be more successful by continuing the road by yourself. If you see that the road is closed because of snow or a tree which is toppled, you will be loved in an environment thanks to your friend and you will enter into a period with full of achievements by making new friendships.If you see that the road is closed with stones, wall or any kind of thing by people, you will be happy by perpetuating the friendship or relationship which you made because of the persistence of your family or a job which you accepted with the force of your family.  

To see that you lose the road or you are stranded in your dream may suggest that you are undecided between two loves. It also refers to jobs which you have difficulty to choosing. If you see a person who loses the road or is stranded in your dream, a person who puts distance to you will regret and wants to speak with you again.   

To describe the road to a person in your dream suggests that by regretting about your finished relationship, you will suffer from this for a while. If you see a person who describes road in your dream, it denotes a new love which decreasing your love suffer.

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