Dream Meaning of Ransom

To give ransom in your dream means that there is a person whom you try to make a hit with in order not to prevent you. You will try to deal with a job which you couldn’t solve by force.

To take ransom in your dream indicates that a person who harmed you in the past will be in need of you.

To dream that you want ransom indicates that there is a person whom you make things difficult for by getting his/her bad intention, a person whom you will test because of understanding his/her true intention.

To dream that a person wants ransom from you refers to a person who will give a negative answer to you at last and keep you busy in vain, a deceiver trader who will claim that s/he will help you although s/he has no potential.

To see of taking ransom in your dream signifies a deceiver person whom you will apply because of difficulties which you confront.

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