Dream Meaning of Princess

To see a princess in your dream mean that you will have temporary happiness, have your head in the clouds, and crow over. Alternatively, it is telling you that you won't know the value of your own money, you should save money for your needs in the future.

To meet, speak with a princess in your dream may represent that you want that everyone hears your success. Because of this, you want to come together with even people whom you weren't close. 

To see that you are princess in your dream means that if you are a woman, the interest of people towards you in your environment will increase, your friendship environment will expand. If you are a man, there are people around you because of their self interest. Also, there are people who want to affect you with good but deceptive words. 

To see a princess dress in a dream denotes temporary happiness. If you wear this dress, this temporary happiness will become permanent.

To sew a princess dress in your dream means that you will prepare surprises for the people whom you love and they will be happy. If you are married, you will prepare a good future for your children.

To see that you buy and sell a princess dress in your dream means that you will envy a woman.

To see a princess crown in your dream indicates that an incident which you try your luck will be all right.

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