Dream Meaning of Priest

To see a priest in your dream denotes a man who is rich, smart and practical.

To see a young or good looking priest in your dream indicates that if you are a woman, you will have a spouse who is rich and known. If you are a man, you will have a loyal friend or fair manager.

To see an old or ugly priest in your dream implies that you have a man who is powerful and always thinks favour for you but you show impudent and remote behavior to him.

To see more than one priest in your dream signifies that you will get a good job or education by getting reference from a man who works as a manager in a factory or facility.

To see that a priest worships and prays in your dream indicates that a man gives confidence to you with his existence although he has no financial power.

To dream that you are a priest may represent that if you are a man, you will have financial and moral gain and you will be high status in your environment. If you are a woman, you will have a rich partner.

To see that you talk to a priest, make a talk, and get an advice in your dream denotes that you will try to change your quality which you don’t like, you will regret this and you will be self-respecting again.

To see that your relative is a priest in your dream indicates that you will do serious harm to people who think ill of you and you will make them regretful.

To see that you make love with a priest or kiss him in your dream symbolizes that a man who creates handicap between you and your lover will fade from the scene or he will give approval for your relationship.

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  1. i have seen in my dreams a priest performing mass while driving a van his dress is in an amber color. What does it mean?

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