Dream Meaning of Plate (Dish)

To see a plate in a dream refers to good updates, commodity and property, supplies. If you see a broken plate in your dream, this dream tells that by accepting a job which another person doesn’t like, you will get profit which is beyond your expectancies. To see that a plate is broken or you or another person breaks the plate in your dream means that by getting income which is too much than your needs, you will save some.

To wash the plate in your dream may indicate that the value of a commodity or property which you got a few days ago will increase. If you see a person who washes the plate in your dream, it refers to a valuable advice which you will hear from your relative.

To see a dirty plate in your dream signifies that you are bored of goods or commodity which you got with high pleasures. Alternatively, this dream tells that you will give up a person whom you love.

The size of the plate in your dream represents the gainings of your job. A big plate refers to big income, small plate refers to small income but sufficient income for you.

To see a glass or crystal plate in a dream suggests that rivals will emerge for a job which you will get big gain and they will force you but they won’t be successful. A ceramic plate in a dream means that you will defeat your rivals easily. A wood plate in your dream implies that you will take a surprise gift. Plastic plate in a dream means that you will have a short joyful trip.

To see plate made from metal like copper in your dream may represent that you will fall in love suddenly, admire for a person or want to possess something because you like it too much and you will fulfill this.

To see a white plate in your dream refers to field or property which will come as heritage or a new job offer.

To see meals and beverages on the plate in your dream signifies the beginning of abundance. If you see stool on the plate, it refers to goods which you will get by chance.

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