Dream Meaning of Perfume

To see perfume in a dream refers to a new relationship, a new beginning.

To see that you wear or put on perfume in your dream may represent that you will be influenced too much from a person whom you saw in a meeting. If the perfume is too much, this person also will be affected in the same way. If the perfume is so little, the love will be one-sided.

To see that another person puts on perfume in your dream means that you will want help from your relative about a person whom you think about serious and you are affected.

To take a perfume as a gift in your dream signifies that you will assert your feelings to the other person by means of your friends because you are ashamed of saying this. Thanks to your friends, you will take a step into a serious relationship.

To see of buying perfume in a dream means that you will make changes on your appearance because you want to draw attention of the person whom you like.

To dream that you give perfume as a gift signifies that you will learn that your sister/brother, relative or close friend is in a relationship with the person whom you love very much.

To see that you smell perfume in your dream suggests that you will search about a person who likes you secretively. If the smell of perfume is good, the person whom you start to have a relationship with will be good and well-behaved and make you happy. If the smell is bad, the person whom you start to have a relationship with will have some bad qualities which make you disturbed.

To see a bottle of perfume in your dream indicates that you will take a break about your love stories for a while, you will participate in activities and these activities will improve you.

To see that you break a bottle of perfume or a bottle of perfume is broken in your dream is telling you that you will be impressed from your relative who shares his/her trouble in his/her relationship. After a while, you will have a secret relationship with this person.

8 thoughts on “Dream Meaning of Perfume”

  1. In my dream I was holding a bottle of perfume in my right hand spray perfume in my lift hand and I didn’t know who gave me,

  2. Alice, I think the 2 perfume bottles symbolize 2 possible love interests in your life. One bottle is perfume while the other is a spray. I suppose the perfume bottle is probably more expensive than the spray. So the man representing the perfume bottle would be richer than the man representing the spray. And I suppose you will get to choose between them.

  3. Somebody i didn’t knew spray perfume on his self and give it to me which i spray it to my self too

  4. The lady she offered the perfume and she told me what perfume i want and i choose the perfume that no smell at all. Then she said again she will change it but the bottle same. What does it mean?

  5. I dreamt of seeing two spray on my table and I picked one closest to me and sprayed but it didn’t sound well so I picked up d second which sounded and sprayed very well and then I realized d first one I sprayed belonged to my brother and the other is mine I.e the spray m using in the physical

  6. In two different dreams ,I dreamt that a friend has gifted me a perfume. The other dream my mom gifted me a perfume.

  7. IN the dream ,a bottle of perfume broke and I collected it and poured it on one guy ,then clean the little remaining on my cloth

  8. I saw a deodorant spray in midst of money, Cosmestics and makeup in a gift wrap which I opened I didn’t know who gave it to me

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