Dream Meaning of Paralysis

To dream that you become paralyzed reflects that you will realize your mistake, one of your friends will reproach, you will get rid of unreasonable expense.

To dream that you are struck with paralysis may reflect that you will get rid of people who are burden for you but you will feel lonely for a while. If you see your whole body as paralysis in your dream, it means that you will give up your bad habits, realize bad people around you and pay attention to your family and friends too much.

To see the paralysation of your arm, leg in your dream may represent that you will enter into an intensive tempo by staying alone in your job. If you see that your tongue becomes paralyzed in your dream, it means that you will be quiet deliberately against injustice which you exposed to. However, you will start to act cruelly against people who did this.

To see a person who is paralyzed in your dream may symbolize a person who rumors about you, envies you although s/he smiles on you.

To see that a person who is paralyzed recovers, walks in your dream suggests that a person who harms you for a while will start to provide benefit to you, you will hear complimentaries from a person whom you don't expect. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that you will have an offer which will make you happy.

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