Dream Meaning of Woman

Dreaming about women is interpreted differently. If you dream about a beautiful woman, it indicates that you will go through a good, healthy and a happy year with lots of financial income. If someone sick dreams about carrying a woman, it suggests that they will be cured. Speaking to a beautiful woman in your dream suggests a salutary, wealthy and a happy year. A woman entering into your house is interpreted as happiness and surprise.

Dreaming of an ugly woman, however, means that you will go through an uncomfortable period. It indicates that you will have financial difficulties. It indicates general unhappiness, or even mental health issues. It is interpreted as the polar opposite of the dreams about beautiful women.

Alternatively, dreaming about women might represent your enemies. There might be people around you who act like a friend to your face, but speak behind your back. It suggests that you should be cautious around other people. Dreaming about a woman that you’ve never seen before indicates sudden compliments from one of your friends.

Dreaming of a woman who suddenly starts to ageing indicates your good faith and strong personality. Conversely, dreaming about a woman who suddenly starts to get younger represents new career opportunities and increased income. Additionally, it represents change and surprise.

Kissing a Woman

Dream interpretation of kissing a woman is living a good, healthy life. It suggests that your life will get easier and you will overcome your financial problems. It also symbolizes achievements and indicates that you will achieve your desires that almost seem unreasonable and impossible right now. Some interpreters will say that kissing a woman in your dream indicates that you’re chasing pointless dreams in your life.

Female Genitalia

Dreaming about female genitalia indicates increased income, or getting something worthy. It suggests getting rid of your problems, resolving your money issues and getting a good reputation among others. It also suggests that you are an admired person. If you’re planning of having kids, this type of dream indicates that you will have a female child. These interpretations are parallel with the sex-related dreams.

Grumpy Woman

Dreaming of a grumpy woman represents a set of obstacles. It suggests that you will face different problems in a short period of time. You might be anxious and irritated in the near future. It also symbolizes suspicion. It suggests that you’re suspicious about something and you will try to get to the bottom of your suspicions.

Beautiful Woman

Dreaming about a beautiful woman indicates a profitable job, an absolute success, a victory against your rivals, wealth and ease. Dreaming of a young, beautiful woman suggests overcoming difficulties, change of a social circle, meeting new people. It also indicates that you will help to those who need help, and that your troubles will be resolved. You will have new career opportunities. It also represents a life-long happiness.

Killing a Woman

Killing a woman in your dream indicates that your problems with your family or your job will come to an end soon. It also represents a new episode of your love life, having a kid, wealth and profit. It suggests that you will start your own job and you will be successful. It indicates good relationship between siblings. It also means that your income will get better day by day, and you will enter a new partnership.

Woman Giving Birth

Dreaming about a woman who is giving birth indicates that you will go on a vacation and have a pleasant holiday. It also suggests that you’re a loved person and you will get to a better position in your career. It points to your artistic personality and it suggests that you will pick up a new hobby.

Middle-Aged Woman

Dreaming of a middle-aged woman suggests that you will feel down because of the discomfort created by your problems, but you will overcome it without getting any harm by help from your friends. It represents end of arguments and start of new friendships. It also suggests that you will overcome some obstacles by helping someone else.

Old Woman

Dreaming of an old woman is interpreted as being settled in. It indicates a regular income, a balanced life and a tactical point of view. It also suggests that you will make an important decision about building a new family and you will travel to another country which will bring you a big relief and joy.
In some cases, dreaming of an old woman symbolizes disappointment. It suggests that you will be in a bad mental state and you will experience financial problems. It indicates that you will be disappointed by an attempt that you are very excited about. It implies that you need to be careful about your decision-making.



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