Dream Meaning of Wheat

Seeing the wheat in the dream points out that bad days will be disintegrated and your troubles and sorrows are fade away in the shortest time. The abundance and peace of the wheat or wheat flour will not be lacking. Seeing the green plant of wheat in the dream signifies a rise to a place that is loved and respected by people. Seeing the grains of spilled wheat on the road is a sign that there will be plenty of sustenance throughout the year and there will be no financial problems. If the wheats are in the sack are interpreted as the beginning of the luck days.

To See Eating Wheat in Your Dream

If a person sees eating wheat in a dream, this dream indicates that he or she will be placed in a great heritage from an unexpected place. If the wheat in the dream is hard, the person's great efforts as a result of the gain will be obtained. If the wheat is rotten it is a sign that the dreamer will suffer a great deal of financial damage and get into a mental depression.

To See the Field of Wheat in Your Dream

Seeing the field of wheat in the dream indicates that you will be deal with unclear things which you never know before. According to some commentators, the wheats planted in the field are described as having children. If it is seen that the wheat field burned, it will show that there will be famine, restless family life and bad days are coming soon. Seeing the crushing of the crops in the field of wheat indicates that you will undertake the works that you cannot afford, and as a result you will suffer from both material and spiritual losses.

To See Green Colored of Wheat in Your Dream

When you dream about fresh and green-colored wheats refer to a person who has a strong belief and works well. This dream is the sign that the person will continue with his / her charities and receive their reward very soon. According to some commentators, dreaming of green wheat in the dream is interpreted as benefiting from someone who has a high level of knowledge about a topic in which you come into a dead end.

To Pick a Wheat in Your Dream

Seeing the wheat gathering in the dream indicates that you will find new places and get some friendships here. It is also a sign of the friendship ties.You will meet with new people which should be careful in their choices in order to be beneficial. If the wheat collected is green, it indicates that a job that was started prematurely will result in frustration.

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