Dream Meaning of Tornado

To see a tornado in your dream reflects your feelings. It suggests that you are emotionally volatile these days and your feelings change suddenly. For example, while you are laughing, you may get angry. Alternatively, a tornado in dream refers to your anger, anxiety or stress.  

The dream about a tornado may represent difficulties. Hard times are coming and you will face big problems. If you have your own business, you may go bankrupt or you may run into debt. If you can’t overcome these difficulties, your life will be upside down.  

According to some interpretations, to see a tornado in your dream may indicate that there will be sudden changes in your life. These changes will affect your decisions, your lifestyle, your earning or your relations.

Tornado in the dream may imply your dominant character. You make always the right decisions and you can make other people follow your decisions. You can persuade people easily.

Being in the tornado in your dream

If you see that you are in a tornado in your dream, it suggests that you can’t control your feelings anymore. Your anger or anxiety is pulling you down. It can be interpreted as being uncontrolled.

To dream that you aren’t injured in the tornado indicates that you will succeed in solving your problems. All the difficulties are temporary and you will be strong as before again.  

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