Dream Meaning of Timber

Seeing a timber in the dream is a sign for a chance to experience luck and fortune. But this luck and fortune will not come for no reason. You may take yet another turn and you may experience some changes. Luck will be with you about these changes. You can be brave about setting the things right and taking decisions on your own. You just have to be careful and be sure of yourself. It is also possible that you may set up your own business after long years spent working under someone if you dreamed about timber.

Dream interpretation of timber house:

To live in a timber house in the dream predicts that it is your time to take the action. You may postpone doing a lot of things which will be good for your own sake for a while but there is no reason to wait more. From this moment on, if you wait you make no headway. It is the right time to make your dreams come true.

Dream meaning of burning timber:

To dream about a burning timber indicates that you are living as if there were no tomorrow. You spend too much, you do not watch the pennies and you are not prudent. Even if this situation does not bother you, it will lead you to the downfall eventually. If you dreamed about a burning timber, you can take it as a warning. If you will not be more careful about your expenses and your future, your sources of money will run out soon. If you already are strapped for money, than you have to pull yourself together quickly. You have to remind yourself that what is done has done and you should take action for starting over. Every experience in life teaches you a lesson about future. You have to hear these lessons and build your life again.

To dry timber in the dream:

To dry timber in the dream represent that you may have a disappointment or unfulfilled desire about some things in past. Your dream tells you that you have to look ahead and break with the past. To think your disappointments over and over only makes you demoralized. Also, even if you did not get in return for your efforts, you have to keep trying. You should do everything for your own, not for other people’s desires and expectations.

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