Dream Meaning of Tiger

The dream of a tiger represents a cruel person who has no mercy for people those around. This person may be your boss or employer. To dream about a tiger also indicates that you may derive lessons from your mistakes and decide to outgrow things that you should not do. You may take advice from a wise and intellectual person during this period.

Killing a tiger in the dream:

If you killed a tiger in your dream it predicts that you may make the people around you jealous with the things you will see through. Also, you may do some things for charities. If you ate the tiger’s meat in your dream, you may rest easy and solve all your financial problems.

Seeing yourself attacked by a tiger in your dream it indicates that you may get a promotion or have a change that helps you to find peace.

Riding a tiger in the dream:

If you were riding a tiger in your dream it means that your life will be in the money just like kings. If you were hunting a tiger in your dream, you may profit from a person who is a trickster and cheater.

Dream meaning of living with a tiger:

To live with a tiger in your dream predicts that you finally find a chance to communicate with someone who is rough looking and sulky. When you succeed in talk with this person, you will see that your fears about him / her are unnecessary. This person may help you about coming into your own and getting in return for your effort.

If you were with a baby tiger in your dream it means that you will help someone to be successful in life. You may educate this person or lead the way. Feeding a baby tiger in the dream predicts that you should be deaf to frustrating comments about your plans. You have to determine and go to your own way to attain your goal.

Dream interpretation of a tiger in cage:

To see a tiger in a cage in your dream means that there is someone you feel resentful about him / her and you may remain at bay for a while to make him / her understand the reason your silence. The dream tells you that this person will understand his / her fault and try to put the things between you to rights.

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