Dream Meaning of Thirst

To be thirsty in your dream represents that you are interested in only your business life and family life and you are focusing on only material things. You don’t consider the moral values and you don’t worship for God while you are busy with business, family or daily things. The dream represents that you will step forward in the wrong way and you will experience very hard times because of your inappropriate decision.

Alternatively, the dream meaning of being thirsty symbolizes a deficiency in your life. It may be an emotional incompleteness or lack of motivation. If you quench your thirst in your dream, the dream suggests that you will be able to fulfill your desires and reach your goals.

Being thirsty and drinking water in your dream

The dream interpretation of being thirsty and drinking water indicates recovery. Being thirsty suggests that you usually forget to pray because of your daily works. It signifies you will experience hard times in the following days and you may feel lonely. On the other hand drinking water due to being thirsty represents good symbols. You will take into consideration moral values, start to worship for your wealth and feel good.

To give a thirsty person water

The dream interpretation of giving a glass of water to a thirsty person indicates that you will help someone who needs your support. It signifies one of your friends or relatives is struggling with many difficulties and does not feel good nowadays. You will notice his or her desperation and give a hand.  

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